Feed dispensers, silos, and various conveyors.

Gentle feed handling is crucial in the production of feed handling equipment for aquaculture, where Helland Silosystem has been producing and supplying silos and conveyors to national and international customers since the 1980s.

In recent years, the silo manufacturer has also developed feed dispensers for the aquaculture industry and delivers to facilities both in Norway and abroad.

The equipment is customized for each individual customer, and a dedicated test facility at the factory in Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland ensures that everything produced meets each customer’s quality requirements and needs.

Silos for Aquaculture.

Helland Silosystem produces outdoor silos, big bag silos, indoor silos, modular silos, and low-profile silos, and customizes these to each individual customer’s needs. The silos are also adapted to various filling methods, whether it’s from bulk trucks, bulk boats, blowing systems, or big bags.

Regardless of the solution, the following always remain the focus: even filling and emptying of the silo, gentle feed handling, and quality.

Feed Dispensers

Our feed dispensers are designed with an emphasis on gentleness, functionality, and precise and even dispensing, so that the fish have the best possible conditions for good growth. A circular container with a round, smooth cone ensures good emptying.

Our feed dispensers can be adapted to different control systems and can also be integrated into existing facilities and control systems.

Feed Dispenser 400

This is a small and compact dispenser adapted for small feed. The dispensing has gram precision and is used for initial feeding and in tanks requiring smaller amounts of feed.

The feed dispenser can be mounted on a walkway, tank edge, or floor stand. A transparent container provides good visual control of the feed in the tank.


  • Volume: The container is available from 50 liters up to 100 liters
  • Feed size: 0.3mm to 3mm
  • Application: Initial feeding and fry.

Feed Dispenser 600

The Feed Dispenser 600 is a versatile dispenser that covers most needs. It is available with several container sizes and can thus be adapted to different tank and pellet sizes. The dispenser is gentle on the feed and provides an even dispensing so that the volume in the tank is utilized as efficiently as possible. The dispensing tube is adapted to the pellet size, and the dispensing holes are tailored to the tank’s design.

The dispenser can be mounted on a walkway, tank edge, or floor stand. The cone is round and without internal bolts, which ensures good emptying. A transparent container provides good visual control of the feed amount.


  • Volume: The container is available from 100 liters up to 300 liters
  • Feed size: 0.5mm to 9mm
  • Application: Growth, pre-smolt, smolt, and post-smolt

Feed Dispenser 950

This dispenser is designed for larger aquaculture facilities where feed is often stored by the tank. The dispenser is adapted for larger feed types and equipped with an inspection glass, making it easy to see the level in the container.


  • 45-degree cone for good emptying
  • The container is available from 500 liters up to 1000 liters
  • Feed size: 6mm-12mm
  • Application: Post-smolt and grow-out

Feed Weight

The Norwegian text translates to English as: “To control the amount of feed stored and ensure the correct amount is fed to the fish, it’s important to have good weighing solutions.

For this, we customize the solution and weighing cells according to the feed amount to be processed:

We provide several solutions for this:

Weighing cell on silo
Feed weight that weighs up batches
Weighing cells on the feed dispenser for precise dosing.

Portable Blower Unit

Blåse-enheten brukes til tømme big-bag og frakte fôret til en silo. Utstyret er utviklet for skånsom håndtering av fôret og med kapasitet på mellom 10-12t/t er den praktisk der logistikken med store fôrmengder. Leveres til 102mm Perrot-system eller 160mm system  

Leveres med: 

  • 1500 eller 2300L sekketrakt. Knivkryss og rist
  • Blåse-enhet på 15 eller 18,5Kw. Egenutviklet innløp og utløp på sluse
  • Kan flyttes med gaffeltruck. 
  • Leveres med El-styring og tilkobling for skjøteledning.
  • Fôrstørrelse: 1mm-9mm

Helland Square Silo

Helland Silosystem delivers several different square silos for indoor mounting. They have the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Can bear a self-weight from 700-900 kg/m3
  • Available in sizes from 2 to 70 m3
  • Used for storing feed or wood pellets, grain, granulate
  • Available with a cone at 45 or 60 degrees
  • Module and Agro silos are delivered with an inspection hatch in the silo wall, discharge hatch, and a center filling spout 99.
  • Helland 99 filling pipes are used.
  • Feed screw Flexi and 4″ are adapted to the square silo.

Helland square silo is delivered with an inspection hatch in the silo wall and a discharge hatch as standard.

Electronic Control

We stock and offer electronic controls for motors for feed screws, ranging from manual motor protection to simple control boxes that include motor protection, sensors, control switches, and timer relays.

Developed and produced in Norway since 1965