Level control

We stock various electronic controls for motors for feed screws:
These range from manual motor protection to simple control boxes that include motor protection, sensor, control switches, and timer relay.
There are several reasons to control the level in the silo:

  • Level registration
  • Information for the bulk
  • Driver during filling
  • Information for the feed supplier
  • Predictable ordering
  • Log and trends on consumption

We have several solutions for controlling the level as needed:

Helland Laser Sensor

Easy installation and complete overview.
Wireless laser sensor where you always have full insight into the contents of the silos:

  • Content in kilograms
  • Log of level for the last month
  • Overview on PC / mobile
  • Map with overview of locations and levels
  • Optimize ordering / transport
  • Receive alarm at low level

Load Cells

Most accurate reading where the level is specified in kilograms.
You can have readings on 1 or 2 displays, but also the possibility to read the level on a PC. You can set an alarm for low level.

Capacitive Sensors

Sensors mounted at the bottom and top of the silo that are connected to a level box that shows the level when empty and full.

Developed and produced in Norway since 1965