Silos and Conveyor

Helland Silosystem has extensive experience in manufacturing silos and conveyors for biogas plants, granulate, lime, cement, grain facilities, and more.

We offer several different models with various features and design the best solution for the customer according to dimensions, materials, and quantities


Helland Silosystem produces several different indoor and outdoor silo models for industrial companies both in Norway and abroad.

Each delivery is customized to the customer’s unique needs regarding materials, quantities, and dimensions.

If there are problems with emptying the contents of the silo, we offer various solutions:

  • Mechanical discharger
  • Vibrator
  • Air cannons
  • Air nozzles

Helland Bulk Bag Hopper

The Helland Bulk Bag Hopper is a robust hopper for formula, powder, pellets, granulate, etc. It comes with a 45-degree cone as standard and is available in sizes of 2300 liters and 4000 liters. It has a 300×300 outlet, but can also be supplied with transitions to OK160.

The bulk bag hopper is made of galvanized steel and is delivered as a kit or fully assembled.

Cement and mortar

Helland System carries simple silos for storing and dispensing concrete. The concrete is temporarily stored in the silo and then transported out in a fluid form.

The screws, specially designed to handle the cement, are easy to clean. The silo can be delivered in various sizes and capacities according to need, from 4m3/h to 220m3/h.

Using our Wetmix screw, the dry material is transferred into the mixing zone, where water is added to produce wet mortar. The dry, pre-mixed material can be fed from a silo or bag.

With SINT engineering polymer, the mortar mixer can be cleaned in less than two minutes.

Biogas Plant / Pellet Silo

Helland Silo provides customized silos for use in biogas plants. These can be space-saving square indoor silos or sturdy outdoor silos with storage capacities ranging from 3m3 to 100m3.

The silos are delivered complete with explosion hatch and pressure relief valve in accordance with current requirements. Filling pipes and robust screw solutions transport the pellets to the burner, and the motor and electrical control are adapted to the needs of each facility.

Fiber and Granulate Silo

Helland Silo has provided solutions to fiber plants all over Norway. We offer conveyors and storage of cellulose fiber in pellet form.

The facility consists of a blowing system for filling fiber pellets from bulk bags to silo, as well as filling from silo to container. The transport screw from the container doses fiber to weight.

Concrete Silo

Helland Silosystem delivers concrete silos of up to 100 m3. These can be adapted for frames, ladders, and railings. The silos are delivered in fully welded, painted steel or as robust, bolted silos, more cost-effective to transport.

The silos are manufactured with vibrators or mechanical dischargers and can also be equipped with safety valves and measuring units for monitoring the contents.

Helland Silosystem also has a wide range of conveyors and offers several different motors and electrical controls, all of which can be customized for each delivery

Lime Silo Plant

The Helland 300 S Lime Silo is manufactured in galvanized or stainless steel in sizes up to 48m3. Mechanical dischargers ensure that the lime is finely discharged from the silo, and robust industrial screws ensure that the lime is transported and dosed in the correct amounts.

The silo can be operated using hydropower or electric motors.

Fiberglass Silo for Salt

Storage and handling of salt require special equipment to withstand both its weight and corrosion.

We offer fiberglass silos designed for storing salt from 2m3 to 25m3. The silos can be delivered with frames, railings, and ladders, and can be equipped with measuring units for monitoring the contents. Motors and controls are adapted to the silo as needed.

We use 316 stainless steel conveyors when transporting salt to the desired unit.

Helland Silosystem can among other things deliver:

  • Practical silos for storing road salt with discharge valves and a grinder for lumps
  • Bulk bag funnels for opening bulk bags of salt
  • Silos for storing salt and conveyors for larger facilities including land-based aquaculture.

Developed and produced in Norway since 1965