Conveyors Industry

What is to be transported, how far and with what capacity and functionality are decisive when choosing a conveyor for the silo. We have several options.

Helland Flexi Feed Auger

This is supplied in four models, depending on pipe type, leg radius and auger. Flexi is gentle on pellets, cost-effective with long feed screws and can be easily installed around an obstacle in long pipe runs. Flexi 125 has a high capacity. Flexi 90 is affordable with good capacity. Flexi 90/75 is particularly suitable for longer transport of pellets.

Helland 4" Feed Auger

Helland 4″ is a solid feed auger with a high transport capacity and a lifting height of up to 8 metres. It is produced in a solid screw spiral with drive station and galvanized steel tube. Angular drive enables installation in narrow spaces. The feed auger has a lifting height of up to 8 metres. Feel free to use two feed augers in series with 400 rpm for increased capacity.

Helland 4″ is particularly suitable for poultry and pig feed. Affordable for short screw lengths.

Helland 6" Feed Auger

This feed auger has a large transport capacity for filling feed wagons and containers. The output ball with drive station can be easily adjusted to the desired screw direction, and the feed screw is also supplied with an alternative drive station at the outlet.

​It has a capacity of 200 kg per minute and is supplied with a standard 280 rpm. For extra practical operation, it can be supplied with a remote control so that it can be operated from the tractor.

Circular conveyor

The round conveyor is an efficient method of transporting feed and is used when feed is to be transported from one silo/container to several feed stations/automatic machines. This has the following characteristics:

  • Can be set up with simple control or with a more advanced control, where the feed is weighed before the specified quantity is transported to given machines.
  • Area of ​​use: Hatchery, poultry and pig farming.
  • Capacity: 1.2 – 6 t/h
    Material: Galvanized steel, stainless

We can supply round conveyor systems with gentle bends and electrically rotating valves without internal edges. These are also used in the food industry due to their gentleness and reliability.

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